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PAGCOR Scandal as exposed by Ted Failon

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PAGCOR Chairman Efraim Genuino

Recently, Ted Failon made an expose about the chairman. According to Failon, based on gathered documents, the chairman and his family had benefited from PAGCOR. The documents shows that funds came from PAGCOR then to BIDA Foundation which in turn goes to BIDA party list.

Millions of funds were transferred to support the candidacy of his family. We may recall that last election,  his sons, Erwin Genuino, run for mayor of Makati and Anthony Genuino run for mayor of Los Banos.

Here are the video links which documented the corrupt acts of Chairman Genuino:

Part I: How the Genuino family benefited from PAGCOR as exposed in Failon Ngayon
Part II: How the Genuino family benefited from PAGCOR as exposed in Failon Ngayon

Part I: Dapat malaman ng mga taong bayan ang tungkol sa PAGCOR – Failon Ngayon
Part II: Dapat malaman ng mga taong bayan ang tungkol sa PAGCOR – Failon Ngayon

A commenter from has this to say:

Mr Genuino should be investigated. He has taken a lot of money from Pagcor. He was appointed by GMA to the agency as he was the campaign manager of the president during her senatorial race up to the bid for presidency. Before his appointment, he own a simple businesses like trace college in makati with less than 300 population in makati, less than 300 students in los banos laguna, a kodak franchise photoshop, and a pest control company. He was not that wealthy and rich before his appoinment.

An item in Daily Inquirer dated 3/26/2009 also said that Ganuino should resign from PAGCOR as he was using the agency’s fund to further his political ambitions.

A Caloocan City congresswoman wants “Kuya Efren” to resign from the country’s casino monopoly if he wants to run for senator next year.

Rep. Mary Mitzi L. Cajayon was referring to Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. Chair Ephraim Genuino who, she claimed, “unabashedly” used his office and the anti-drug drive BIDA (Batang Iwas sa Droga) it has been promoting as a campaign vehicle to boost his stock way ahead of the 2010 elections.

“We are both administration allies, but what I cannot accept is if Genuino used Pagcor money to further his political ambitions. It’s alright to pursue one’s dream, but he should use his own funds. He should resign out of delicadeza (propriety),” said Cajayon in an interview.

Cajayon said she was appalled when she watched a parade along Roxas Boulevard in Manila made up of students wearing T-shirts with Genuino’s face and the words “Kuya Efren” emblazoned on them.

“The students don’t even know who Kuya Efren is. If it was indeed an anti-drug rally, then why was Genuino’s face and name plastered all over the event site?” said Cajayon.

She also said Genuino reportedly offered free rides on the Light Railway Transit system to students on March 21.

“Where is he getting all his money?” asked Cajayon.

Pinoy, what can you say?


Written by orvillequillao

June 15, 2010 at 5:27 am

2 Responses

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  1. I agree with what Ted said before that the 21M check is just the “tip of the iceberg.” Pagcor should also investigate Los Banos as soon as possible, where Genuino’s son Anthony is mayor and I think where they are using funds coming from Pagcor. They have set up a very large private school (Trace college) with 3 swimming pools (1 olympic size 50m, 1 diving, and 1 250m pool), 1 large hotel (with 2 buildings) and several other buildings. Just ask any resident from Los Banos on who owns Trace college and you will suprised with answers like “Gloria arroyo own it or Efraim Genuino owns it.” The green lamp posts that lined up the road going to UPLB used to have logos that says pagcor but when nonoy won the presidency and when the report came that efraim will be investigated, they immediately removed the signs and even repainted the post as to cover up the pagcor logo.
    There are also rumors that Trace college in Los Banos did not pay its land and building tax since they are friends with the former mayor perez, and that college is where they are hiding their precious assets since it is far from metro manila. It is suprising that in a few years time, their wealth grew and they have a lot of money to construct buildings worth millions of pesos.


    July 26, 2010 at 4:55 pm

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