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Pres. Corazon Aquino: The True “People’s Power” Legend

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“God knows, we have made mistakes.”
“I hope that history will judge me . . . favorably . . .
because, as God is my witness, I honestly did the best I could.”

President Corazon C. Aquino, the true icon of “People’s Power” who have managed to topple  a dictator and restored democracy in the Philippines died after battling with colon cancer for more than a year at the age of 76.

She is the Philippine’s 11th president. During her term, she brings back the confidence to the Filipino people. She created an independent judiciary, encouraged press freedom and restored back other democratic organizations.

However, her government were always bothered by those selfish people who is still at-large in local politics. She managed to survive 8 coup attempts. In all these coup attempts, she proved herself to be a strong and courageous woman.

After her term, her life was still full of battles. She was always on the street, fighting for the Filipino people. She often led public protests opposing policies that were meant to take advantage or defraud the Filipino people.

For now, the yellow ribbons are everywhere. What we can only do is just to recall that somehow we were privileged to have a “Ninoy” and a “Cory” who courageuosly brought us back to what “Jose Rizal” struggled hard — INDEPENDENCE!

But wait, after Tita Cory’s burial, who will lead us now as majority of the present political figures are only after the so-called, FAME and FORTUNE?

Who can we trust to lead us, ease poverty, eliminate corruption, and widen democracy?


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