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Christmas Pinoy Style

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It’s Christmas day. I’m still dizzy, got a hangover from last night’s drinking and overeating with some of my neighbors and friends.  I checked the time and its 10am. I checked the kids and everybody’s still in bed. While my wife gets some food ready for breakfast, i opened the window a little bit and peeked outside. I noticed some children playing outside.

The table is ready. So, i decided to sit and drink a hot cup of coffee but i felt some pain around my throat. Its hard to swallow so i just have a few sip and talked with my wife about last night.

A mild knock at the door interrupted our breakfast. I opened the door and was greeted “Merry Xmas po!” It is my eldest son’s “kumpare” together with his two little child. Moments later, another lady followed carrying her daughter greeted me again “Tito, merry xmas po!” These children are my son’s godchildren. They’re visiting my son which are their godparent wishing for some christmas gifts or “aguinaldo”.

These tradition is a sign of paying some respects to the older folks but be ready with your gift. Nowadays, gifts are mostly in the form of money. These children which are accompanied by their parents goes to their close relatives and godparents expecting for some gifts.

Christmas here in the Philippines is an important occasion. It’s a time for the family, for gift sharing, for giving and its also time for food and fun.

To most Filipinos, Christmas is the most anticipated occasion of the year. The people with their true devotion to family and faith all contribute to the holiday celebrated in the true Pinoy style.


Written by orvillequillao

December 25, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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